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The Expert Advisors technology is a new method of trading which frees you from daily manual routines. Expert Advisor written in MetaQuotes Language 4 (MQL 4) automatically analyses current market situations, opens/closes positions and places/modifies/deletes orders.

With the help of Expert Advisors you can:

  1. Avoid everyday manual routines by automating the process of trading and monitoring orders;
  2. Be more scientific and rational in your decision making process;
  3. Keep track of the current market situations.
Implement your trading strategy in Expert Advisor by using MetaQuotes Language 4 and your MetaTrader 4 will manage your trading account without the need to be present 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

MetaQuotes Language 4 is used to write:
  • Expert Advisors – mechanical trading systems which can be used either for trading alerts or for trading and monitoring orders (automatically without your presence);
  • Custom Indicators – indicators created by you or other users of MetaTrader 4 client terminal in addition to the in-built technical indicators, integrated into MetaTrader 4;
  • Scripts – modules which execute repeated actions;
  • Libraries - frequently used user's programs.
MetaQuotes Language 4 allows you to call functions from the external dll-libraries and get access to the computer file system. This makes it possible to implement trading strategies of ANY complexity.

The new Expert Advisors testing technology uses historic data. Using this data you can test the effectiveness of your trading strategies, usually within a few minutes.

MetaQuotes Language 4 is very easy to learn and understand even for those who have no or limited experience as computer programmers.
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* Under extraordinarily volatile market conditions order execution may experience delays.

** Trading at 50:1 leverage is considered to be a high degree of leverage which may increase the risk for potential losses.

Trading currencies is not for everyone and carries a high risk level. The possibility exists that you could lose some or all of your deposited funds. Consider carefully your monetary objectives, level of experience and risk tolerance.

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